ANGUS is a series of books, conceived by Orlando Lorenzetti, in which the story of the Scottish clan of warriors, the MacLachlan

clan, is told. The saga has twelve centuries of adventures, beginning in the 9th century with the foundation of the clan,

until the last MacLachlan, who plays an important part in the 21st Century Crusade.

The novels bring an interesting mixture between the literature called fantasy and the most important historical facts in

mankind. Therefore, their characters take part in important wars of the world history and interact with personalities of each

period of history.

It is evident in the character of the heroes – or of the main warriors from the MacLachlan clan – the search for virtues,

special characteristics of the warrior’s moral and which compose the basis of the medieval cavalry code.

The saga of the MacLachlan clan is told in 7 (seven) novels, richly illustrated, (about 500 pages each) with historical maps

and extensive historical research.