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Orlando Paes Filho

Orlando Paes Filho  is the direct descendant of Dom Gualdim Pais.

At the age of fourteen, Orlando Paes Filho started practicing writing in a private and personal way.

He never gave up writing. Today, forty years later Orlando is a writer specializing in medieval historical novels, published in more than thirty countries.

His passion for the Middle Ages lies in his soul. Orlando believes in medieval Theocracy, a world governed by God and His Commandments. A historical period of a thousand years, where kings imitated and tried to be under the Orders and Blessings of God to govern, civilize and serve their people.

The author’s ideals and belief are in perfect harmony with his works.

Orlando lives in a medieval way, thinks in this way and writes like a medieval man.

That’s why his Cavalry novels are so authentic.

Values like Honor and Courage and Virtues like Justice, Faith, Prudence, Fortitude, Hope, Charity and Temperance, are imprinted in his works.

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